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Exploring AMR - We will participate in the EMBO Plasmid Workshop

We’re excited to share a lab update! I am gearing up for the EMBO Workshop, a deep dive into plasmid evolution and its connection to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
Decoding Antibiotic Resistance Spread
Antimicrobial resistance is a global challenge, with bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. Plasmids, tiny genetic carriers, play a role by shuttling resistance genes between bacteria.
Unveiling Plasmid Secrets
At the EMBO Workshop, we’ll be exploring plasmid biology and ecology. Recent tech advancements allow us to better understand how plasmids contribute to AMR outbreaks.
Collaboration for Progress The workshop is a hub of experts – from modelers to genetics researchers. I am thrilled to be part of this collaborative effort to address AMR challenges.
My Role in the Workshop
I’m eager to learn, contribute, and develop fresh approaches to tackle AMR. Stay tuned as we share insights from this enlightening experience.

Learn more about the workshop: EMBO Plasmid workshop

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